Monday, June 8, 2009

<5% Rates Were So Last Month

We all knew it was coming. Mortgage rates could only stay so low for so long. So why is it such a shock that they've jumped up nearly 1% in just two weeks?

Whenever rates increase 1% in such a short period of time it tends to make people scratch their heads (or bang them on the wall - take your pick). Back before the week of March 25 the 30yr fixed rate was ~4.5%. Now, at the beginning of the week of June 8, the 30yr fixed is ~5.5%.

Although there is no natural law that states, "what goes down must go up," the rate move was a sure thing.

What has caught many off guard is that they spiked so quickly and before many were expecting it. We were getting so used to sub 5% rates that we just assumed they would be around for a while (with the FED in such control and all!). But now we've learned a valuable lesson all over again - take it when you can get it.

So for now, 5.5% is the new 4.5%.

Articles that explain the situation much better than I can:

Bond-market rout lifts mortgage cost (AP, 06/06/09)

Bernanke Conundrum Threatens Housing On Mortgage Rate (Bloomberg, 06/08/09)

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Lets hope that interest rates get lower again soon!