Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Links 1/09/2009

Life around the office has been busy lately. Understandably, the lowest mortgage rates on record are making everyone want to refinance (and a few to purchase). We're in a "refi boom". And from our perspective it appears to be picking up steam.

But it's also cutting into my blogging time. So here are some links :-)

Mortgage Rates Set Another Low (Housing Wire, 1/08)

Bernanke's buzz killer: China Losing Taste for Debt From US (NYT, 1/07)

Realtors Slam New Fannie Mae Fees, Bloggers (, 1/05)
"Realtors slam..." is a over reaching and a bit harsh. "NAR has issues with.." is more like it. NAR's "downpayment clarification" from Dec. 31, 2008.

BOE Cuts Rates To Lowest Since Bank's Creation in 1694 (Bloomberg, 1/08)
The Bank of England takes a cue from the FED.

I received an email from Fannie Mae (that doesn't make me special - you can get on their email list if your so inclined) on Thursday. The HVCC, or Home Valuation Code of Conduct, has been amended and will be implemented May 1, 2009. Here's their announcement with FAQs.
Also reported on at the Appraisal Scoop (01/08).

Some PHA clients escape foreclosure (C-ville Weekly, 1/08)

Jim Duncan on the problems with Charlottesville's housing market (, 1/08)

Video: Today Show on UVA's Ranking (UVA Today News Blog, 1/08)
Meredith Vieira: "... and number one is the University of Virginia, a fantastic school."

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