Tuesday, November 4, 2008


MBS Update 11/04/2008:

The FNMA 30yr opened up approx. -20bps from yesterday, and by 3:30pm we were up 109bps from the open. That's almost 110bps in a single day, and we're heading higher. This is the largest single day climb since the FNMA/FHLMC takeover in September. The 30yr fixed has improved ~1/4% since yesterday.

We have seen 2-3 rate improvements (depending on the lender) so far today and we might see one more by 5pm. The 30yr fixed was 6.5% last Thursday. Currently we are at 6.125%. What (or who) is moving today's market? Unsure at this point, but obviously buyers have entered the market in a big way.

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