Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet George Jetson

Well, this is not actually about mortgages.   But it is the future of what we’re spending our energy talking about financing: The home of tomorrow. 

At least, it’s what Panasonic forecasts the abodes of the next decade will evolve into.

In Tokyo, the Japanese mega-corporation recently opened a concept home to the public.  I suppose a concept home is a lot like those concept cars Detroit rolls out every year, too cool for school tech - the ubiquity of which never approaches closer than the ever receding horizon. 

The home of the future features new necessities such as an uber-teched out home office, wellness center and micro-mist saunas, as well as oxygen foam baths.  And it is a lot smarter than today’s brick and mortar stick-builts. 

According to Electronic House, it will do some of the dumb things you forget or are too lazy to do.  It will sense when you’ve fallen asleep and then turn off the computer/tv (there are a lot of these computer/tv monitors around the house) and other appliances.   

Designed with babies as well as grandmas in mind, it will be very eco and generational friendly.  It is earthquake proof.  And if that isn’t enough for you to start working on your credit score for the new mortgage you’re going to need, it will even generate a large portion of its own power ‑ which it uses to run the scores of other new gadgets installed everywhere.

By the time all this is affordable, I’m guessing we’ll have lots of 100% financing available again.

As for me, I’m still waiting for flying cars and robot maids.

You can read more about this techno-geeks dream and see a slide show here.

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